About us

Started in 2010, Alike Thoughts helps organizations identify, devise, customize, and implement technology needs for the modern corporate environment, thus allowing organizations to work with a single point of contact for all their technology needs. Our technical strengths, enable us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and cost effective technology solutions. Well equipped to perform a thorough and accurate technology needs analysis, our team can assist with trainings, software development needs, recruitment and staffing. Additionally we can help setting up the complete technology infrastructure.

Alike Thoughts operates with a vision to provide high-quality services to its corporate clients through innovative and pioneering processes. Our programs are focused on helping organizations meet or exceed operational performance goals in terms of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Excellence. We continuously strive to equip our corporate clients with knowledge, expertise and skills that help their staff enhance productivity and the quality of their work .


Linking people, process and technology together, we will be a “pioneer” for achieving technology endowment, with the ultimate goal of attaining corporate and financial success.


To provide uncompromising quality, services, products and customer service by listening to our clients’ needs and responding to the constant market changes. Through continuous education, innovation and improvement, we will passionately seek respect from every company as their training, staffing & consulting partner. Our experienced teams of professionals, who are committed to helping organizations solve business problems through consulting, assessment, training, coaching and development, staffing will allow us to accomplish this goal. With these efforts, we will continually aspire to be a successful global company, striving to support Alike Thoughts and our customer’s financial goals while maintaining a leadership role in the training, staffing & consulting industry. We ABOVE ALL value our clients and our long-term customer relations.

Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values provide the foundation for Alike Thoughts Business Principles. Our values and principles also support us on our journey to corporate growth.

At Alike Thoughts, we're committed to achieving our mission. This requires great people who are bright, creative and energetic, and who share the following values:

•Integrity: First and foremost, we are committed to integrity in all that we do, always, everywhere.

•Respect: We respect every individual – our employees, our consultants, and our clients. We value and benefit from the diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of each individual.

•Professionalism: It is our duty to perform to the highest standards of professionalism. We are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that we unite with our clients and have long lasting relationships.

•Teamwork: It is the essence of our ability to succeed as a trusted vendor of training, staffing & consulting solutions to our clients. We continue to learn from our employees, consultants and strategic partners – sharing skills, resources, and experiences to help benefit our clients as well as ourselves.

•Commitment: We are committed to personal excellence and self-improvement. We draw strength from performance evaluations – striving to excel and improve in all aspect of business.

•Dedication: We are dedicated and have the willingness to take on big challenges and see them through.

The Green ALIKE culture

A: Amicable
L:  Learn and Lead
I:   Innovative
K:  Kinetic
E:  Evolve continuously

That is how we define work environment at Alike Thoughts. Our mantra is simple, foster amicable environment to learn and thence lead. Innovate, be the kinetic center. Keep evolving.

If this is the environment you have been waiting for, explore the world of opportunities at Alike Thoughts.

What do we offer?
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