Recruitment & HR Staffing Solutions

The more a business grows and the more employees it has, the greater is the need for employee needs management. One of the most efficient and technologically advanced ways of filling this need is to use staffing.

Staffing involves finding the right people, with the right skills, abilities, and fit, who may be hired or already working for the company (organization) or may be working for competing companies.

Alike Thoughts offer well qualified individuals and teams to staff virtually any project of any size. We operate with flexible cost structure, tuned towards long-term business relationships with our clients. We offer full range of IT staffing services for:

• Long Term Assignments
• Short Term Assignment
• Contracts with Option to Hire
• Part Time or Full Time
• Specialty Staffing
• IT Staff Supplementation

Why IT staffing?

Information Technology systems play a major role in enabling business strategy and in achieving an organization's business goals. Correspondingly, staffing and resource allocation have become critical business issues at most corporations, large and small alike. And let’s remember behind every great name, brand, service, assets, there are people behind it who make it successful.

Quick Question

Is your organization looking for solutions to business problems such as lack of trained resources, delayed executions, inability to keep up with rapid technological changes.

Solution is “Alike Thoughts”

We are a company who understand your skill lacking areas and your requirements to help you deliver the best in the market .We are a top-notch IT Staffing Firm and can provide solutions to all your staffing and resource issues through unsurpassed service, rapid turnaround and cost-competitive services. These services are provided across all technical skill sets. We have been able to service our customer's requirements through access to a very large talent pool including locally available consultants. Our consultants can be located Onsite or Offsite.

Skill Areas

We specialize in the practice of recruiting and resource management and apply this expertise across a breadth of technology stacks. Categorized below are some of the skills we have provided to our clients.

Our engineers are highly trained professionals with expertise in the following technical areas:

• Microsoft Technologies
• Java Technologies
• Oracle
• SAP / JD Edward
• C++ / VC++
• Testing (QA/Load/Stress)
• SQL Server
• BEA Web Logic
• IBM Web sphere
• Informatica / Data stage / Teradata
• Documentum
• Testing ( Manual & Automotive)
• Web technologies

We recruit top talent

We have a huge pool of qualified personnel to service the following functions:

• Project Managers
• Team Leaders
• Software Engineers
• Network Engineers
• System Analysts
• Database/Warehouse Administrators
• Help Desk Personnel

Our Account Leaders and Technical Recruiters understand the technology areas and are experts at assessing the client requirements, interpreting them and qualifying the candidates using the Alike Thoughts own sourcing methodology.

As is required by changes in technology, our Account team members undergo continuous training in IT areas and resourcing methodologies.

We qualify candidates through strict adherence to the traditional and time-tested process of multi-point contact, in-person interviews, tech-checks and reference checks. Our recruiters develop a strong understanding of a candidate's skills, preferences, strengths and weaknesses to ensure the best match in terms of assignments, as well as to help them further their career.

We value our relationship with consultants as much as we value that with our clients, and strive to ensure longevity of the same. It is no wonder that a large percentage of our consultants come to us through employee referrals. Our clients benefit vastly from the close personal relationship and loyalty we develop with our consultants.

Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition to our clients is made up of several essential success criteria while offering IT staffing services.


our professionals understand the technology challenges that companies face and have the skills to provide qualified resources to our client's. We specialize in the practices of recruiting, staffing and resource management. We can apply this expertise to a variety of technology stacks by aligning ourselves with our client's technology standards.

Cost Savings

We offer clients our services utilizing a competitive, small company cost structure, thereby maximizing savings to our clients. Our clients save huge percentage over their existing cost by employing our services.

Quick Turnaround

We achieve a quick response by developing access to a local, readily available consultant pool. In some instances or with some special skills, we utilize the services of sub-tier relationships. We have identified key partners that specialize in niche technology areas. This allows us to bring their expertise to the benefit of our clients.

What do we offer?
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